Kudos and Comments

The weekend was great the way the musicians flowed together was wonderful I think the location was good and the space worked well and food was very nice it all worked out great thanks to all who work so hard year round to bring this together for us.       Joanne Sousa


I forget where I first heard about it. It was wonderful. Can’t wait for next year… thanks a million one and all for a fabulous job.   Hope Colt


Great fun and the unexpected excellence of some of the combinations made for new appreciation of many shades of jazz. Also gave additional opportunities for some of the “background” musicians to have a larger showcase for their particular talents.



Jeff did his usual amazing job!


I think it’s truly unusual and fortunate for us to be able to see such warm and inventive and collaborative interaction among these superb musicians

with such wonderful music. The audience is appreciative, the weekend is filled with pure joy, and again, we are fortunate to be able to be a part of it.


This is our fourth year and we have enjoyed every year. I thank everyone, especially Joel and Jeff for helping to keep Traditional Jazz alive.


Really a great fun occasion. Jeff’s intros helped a lot. He did not talk too much. His fun personality – as well as the perky joking personalities of so many was great on top of the excellent music; Than you for the endless hours you and all the others put into make this happen.  We know it’s a sacrifice of love and we appreciate it dearly.


Loved every minute of the party


Thank you Maureen, and ALL of you for this weekend which is a gift to us all. Glad we went.

It was a very enjoyable event, beautifully organized and executed, with ample opportunities to talk with the musicians.

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