October 2017 Event Tickets:

Four Sessions

  • Friday Night – 7:30pm, no food included
  • Saturday Day – 11am-4pm, includes  buffet lunch
  • Saturday Evening – 5pm-10pm, includes buffet dinner
  • Sunday Day – 11am-4pm, includes brunch

When Can I buy Tickets?

  • Friday session: $40 – On Sale Now!
  • Sat/Sun sessions: $80 each – On Sale Now!
  • All three Sat/Sun sessions: $225  – On Sale Now!


*Note: Children and guests – This is not a suitable environment for young children – lots of drinking and the Devil’s music.  You are also free to allow different members of your family and friends to attend with your tickets, however you must inform us in advance.

No Refunds – like Broadway and most other theatrical and entertainment events. However if we have a waiting list, we will endeavor to act as the broker of your unwanted tickets to people on our waiting list.

Included with tickets:

Entertainment from 14 performers versed in traditional jazz, swing and New Orleans music.

A full meal (buffet style) with each weekend session. This means luncheon on Saturday, dinner on Saturday night and brunch on Sunday morning.

An intimate setting – only a limited number of tickets will be sold per session to retain the House Party atmosphere.

Cash Bar

Purchasing tickets:

Please call Maureen at 203-208-1481 to reserve your seats

You will receive an email confirmation. Your tickets and nametags will be available at the door.


for further information, hand holding and professional hugs:


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